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To be poor is to have no money or not much money. and No means to fulfill anything you would like to do. Poor means relying on others to take care of you. Usually the poor have grown up underpriveleged and cant seem to break free of the cycle of poverty. The poor often get jealous of people who have means to fulfill their dreams and goals.
Poor shop at good will and salvation army.
Poor people have a hard time making ends meet.
Poor people cant afford a car, they take the bus.
by rmfkd September 20, 2007
315 106
Somebody who has little or no money
Being poor is almost as bad as, or as bad as, death.
by anonymous123726183 December 07, 2010
20 7
The very thing a lot of people these days are. Poor people can hardly get by because they have no money, clothes, or food. & hardly a place to live sometimes.
Im worried about my girlfriend man. -TJ

Why dude?-Sean

We were on the phone last night & she told me that she's been living in a shitty motel for 3 years with 4 other family members. The grandfather has a job but it doesn't bring in good money. They hardly have any food to eat. Their super poor. I'm about to get a job and help them out.-tj
by killapaige August 24, 2009
30 16
A person who has too much month at end of the money.
Poor guy cannot afford this.
by Egils October 26, 2011
16 4
The act of having too much month at the end of your money.
"I'm too poor to take the bus."

"There is another week in the month after my paycheck runs out."
by Jigsaw February 03, 2012
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Poor can be two things.

1 Having no money yet having dreams and goals.

2 Having lots of money yet having no dreams and goals, or bad and selfish ones.
Why did Mozart and Beethoven die poor while that evil rich bastard lives in luxury?
by Prince of Truth July 29, 2011
4 1
The act of doing something cheap, or something that is degrading to people that are higher on the social and economic scale according to the poverty level.
Dylan: Did you see that tom rusted his hood?
Billy: Yeah, its because he couldnt afford carbon fiber.
Dylan: That is so poor.
by eviloperator May 09, 2011
7 4
a prole, a poor person, used as singular
Become a poors, and the only time you will set foot in an airport is to clean the bathrooms. (Gawker comments, Dec 2009)
by modefier2 December 08, 2009
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