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much like the mexican shower, it is a quickened alternative to a shower or a bath. requires the dipping of one's head underneath the faucet so as to clean the hair but not the entire body.

the term originates from a detroit urban legend whereby one man had only enough money to generate water for his hair. he was, in fact, poor.
1. time is money, just take a poor man's shower
2. look, we're running late. either take a mexican shower or a poor man's shower.

3. if you think you're gonna be able to go bravo delta tonight, you gotta at least take a poor man's shower
4. you can tell he only took a poor man's shower this morning
by BIGGG AL May 27, 2009
When a regular shower is unavailable and you use the closest available water source and proceed to dump it all over your body and continue on with your day. Eg. a water bottle, bucket of water, hose
I woke up hung over in someones yard, with a bottle of water next to me. I took two sips, then dumped it all over me.

Nothing like a poor man's shower to start my day
by Alycat2457 August 10, 2012