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to shit your panties.....to leave a shit stain in your panties......to diarrhea in panties....stinky stinkies in the panties... therefore leaving poopypanties(also can be caused by sharting and queefing and any other things that result in a fart or a fart sounding gas coming out of the body)
Bob:Hey, i just shit myself....FUCK!!
Bob:FUCK!! It smells like diarrhea!!CHRIST ALMIGHTY!
Bill:HAHA! You fucking asshole! JESUS TESTICLE GRASPING CHRIST! That smells like fucking shit ballz
Bob:I told you, you gaunch licker
Bob:LMAO! I just shit my self.
Bill:Your an asshole. You pole smoking, alabama hotpocket giving, cincinatti bowtying son of a bitch. Fuck you!
Bob:Now i have poopypanties!
by white_boy_who_likes_rap December 12, 2006