a term to describe someone who does stupid things as though they got poop in their head, hence poopyhead
Cindy's such a poopyhead!
by Gabe92 March 09, 2011
derogitory term for a smelly person
"kailey why do you always have to be a poopyhead.
by John Lawing October 22, 2003
someone who has poop in place of their head, or on their head. In both cases,its causes other normal human beings to be in disgust of the poopyhead.
YO my coach hit a line drive straight to my shin!

WOOOOOOW thats not nice! Poopyhead.
by WUCfoundationpound(: August 21, 2010
Someone who has poopy on their head.
Logan is a poopy head.

Morgan hangs out with poopy heads.
by Justin April 28, 2003
when your head is full of poopy in your brain and it begins to come out of your ears so you therefore have poppy around your head
Justin and Morgan are both poopyheads becasue they put each others poopy on their head, but then morgan takes it to another level and eats the poopy
by crap naggit May 02, 2003
a very helpful pohrase that makes u seem uninteligent deffinatly ther best word in the world
dan: ur a fag
da guy ya: ur a poopy head
by aba1 April 19, 2006
Paul Rogai's butt
Paul sat on his poopy-head and took a poop
by Poop October 14, 2003

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