Top Definition
a butt with shit smeered on it
i forgot to wipe my ass
by poopy head May 26, 2003
Someone who is generally stubborn, hard-headed, incorrigible, cantankerous, or otherwise recalcitrant.
I was so upset with Ben this morning, he was being a real poopybutt.
by pilotkid May 04, 2009
An expression used to show discontent at something, or just to be freaking hilarious.

Also can be: Poopy Buttsack
Girl- "Why are you acting like this?"
Boy- " Cause you're a poopy butt"

Mom- "Do your chores"
by snake N' Bake January 18, 2011
butt being poopy
my butt is going all over the place
by meatstupid June 04, 2003
when you shit at work and are so busy you dont have time to wipe
Co-Worker 1: "Man, Christina really worked her tail off today!"

Co-Worker 2: "Yeah I heard she was rocking the poopy butt all day."
by one-eyed model December 20, 2011
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