To have the color of, scent of, or taste of waste that comes out of the human ass.
"Want a Dr. Pepper?"
"No! That's a poopy drink."
by freeasabiirdx June 16, 2008
the state of being grumpy
Emily, quit being so poopy!
by Sebastian February 10, 2005
a massive love for cock
"mmmmm poopy.
I love poopy
poopy is nice"
by cockboy5000 December 07, 2007
a smelly person...
a poopy smelling person
by portpower123 February 24, 2010
A tall, special, half black boy who tends to pick cotton on the weekends, suck massive amounts of dick on the weekdays, and talk with a mysterious accent on his spare time. On his time off from beig a flamer, he likes to be amazing, wear tight pants and skateboard. He is also grammatically challenged.
Hey look at my poopy over there, spelling things wrong with a handful of cotton!
by ALGJLH April 24, 2008

N: 1. The name of my favorite person in the whole world. He is quite similar to FECES because he runs.
N: 2. The shtuff that flies outta yo butt after you eat oatmeal. And by you I mean me.
1. \"I love my Poopy!\"
2. \"I love my poopy!\"
by Squishybutt April 26, 2005
A filler comic when the guy who draws GU Comics can't put in a real one. Usually has a stick figure saying Poopy.
"I'm too busy playing Splinter Cell to make a real comic. Better put up a Poopy."
by King Asshat XVIII of Asshatia April 18, 2005

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