brown stuff that comes out of your arse hole
i think i have a poop that looks like aberham lincoln in the toilett
by ali me bitch February 16, 2005
anything undesirable, a cleaner version of shitty.
Well, your attitude is rather poopy today.
by The Amazing Paul December 01, 2004
Longggg and slin brown chunky poop
"Man I Have To Go Poopy!!!!!!"
by Maia July 13, 2002

-Pertaining to the qualities often associated with fecal matter.


-A name bestowed upon individuals whom are labeled as undesirable or foul.
Some would describe the inner contents of a pumpkin as poopy.
A common nickname for Adolf Hitler in Poland is "Poopy the Canker Spawn".

Synonyms include:
by The Zealot of Gooroo September 10, 2013
A term for chewing Tobacco or dip.
Created as a secret code so teachers did not know what you were talking about while about to dip at school.
"Hey Tom lets go to the bathroom and throw in a poopy."
by T-Sagz October 17, 2008
What you call your best friend or someone really close to you like a sister
Poopy come ova hereeeeeee

<3 hankey
by hoesBfourbros March 13, 2011
When someone is being mean or frustrating.

See Snippy for another definition.
"God, why do you have to be so poopy all the time!"
by KAL1234 January 10, 2010

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