A name that you give to puppies that crap all over the house no matter how hard you try to housebreak them.
I rescued two little poopies from the animal shelter. My carpets will never be the same....
by Hackermom December 11, 2005
1) Being in a bad mood, irritable, a generally unplesant attitude.

"Jane is very poopies right now"

"Are you poopies?"
by unknown1721 January 11, 2006
Poopy is an affectionate word one can give his or her girlfriend/boyfriend.
Boyfriend: - Hi poopy, how was your day?
Girlfriend: - Very good, except for the fact that I almost stepped in dog poo...
by Super jew December 18, 2006
adj. The quality of being poop; stinky; insult when used describing a person.
Hey yo poopy!
by V-alien December 12, 2005
brown stuff that comes out of your arse hole
i think i have a poop that looks like aberham lincoln in the toilett
by ali me bitch February 16, 2005
anything undesirable, a cleaner version of shitty.
Well, your attitude is rather poopy today.
by The Amazing Paul December 01, 2004
Longggg and slin brown chunky poop
"Man I Have To Go Poopy!!!!!!"
by Maia July 13, 2002

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