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the act of putting your hand between self's butt cheeks (collecting the residue on to the hand) and putting the hand in another one's mouth.
Roberto never spoke to Keong again after the poopy hand.
by kmin June 29, 2010
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The act of pooping and not washing your hands before leaving the restroom, then rubbing your hands on another persons face while announcing that you indeed have poopy hands. Usually immediately followed by the antagonist singing the poopy hands song.
Adam: Hey Grant, guess what?
Grant: What?
Adam: gently caresses Grant's face I just went to the restroom and I have poopy hands! Oh you love poopy hands, poopy hands on your face.
by gmoney422 May 20, 2016
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The result of fisting an anus that has recently expelled shit.
She told me to go ahead and fist her ass. She forgot to tell me she just took a shit. When I finished I had poopy hand
by scabby pirate November 17, 2008
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