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A pastry that is made of human excrement rather than flower and water. Also can be filled with other foods such as shrimp or corn.
I would like one corn Pooptart please.
by super beto May 10, 2009
a flagrant trollop who enjoys anal sex.
monifa is such a poop tart. she totally likes it in the ass.
by badonkadej July 15, 2006
1. very similiar to the well known kellogs pop tart, the only differance being the delicous fruit flavored filling is replaced with disgusting poop.
little jeffy was late for school, and no other choice but to quickly scarf a pooptart.
by Chase55 October 27, 2007
The remnants of a poop taken in a toaster.
"Aww man, who left a poop tart in my new toaster??"
by j-guy April 02, 2012
a flat piece of poop with creme in the middle
mm poop tarts
by poop mn February 12, 2004
1. Someone who feels sick for no reason. (A.K.A. Pooptartitis)

2. Someone who is acting stupid, dumb, lame, annoying, etc.

3. An insult.
1. Person A: How are you?
Person B: I'm not feelin so hot and idk why.
Person A: You have pooptartitis.

2. Person 1: Watch Ben, he's about to do something really stupid!
Person 2: Ben is such a pooptart!

3. Don't look at me like that, you little pooptart!
by crimsongirloh10 December 14, 2010
1. See Republicans. 2. A chocolate flavored pop tart that tastes like poop.
Veek is such a poop tart. MMM PooP TarTZ
by Juwanna Seemahweena August 17, 2005
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