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an expression used by gay men when they are in need of sex, similar to poontang
That guy is sooo hot i hope i can get some pooptang.
by Social Deviance November 08, 2011
def 1: a girl with a such a dirty pussy, it leaves your cock smelling like ass

def 2: going from the ass to the pussy without wiping it clean...often leading to a yeast infection
ex 1: dude, all that's left in this bar is pooptang, but i ain't goin home alone

ex 2: dude, if you ain't gettin a lil pooptang, you ain't livin right! that said, bitch better bathe before i go back fo mo
by pooptang wrangler July 18, 2014
An american expression generally used by males when in need of some pussy

Also can be used to describe highly attractive females.
I really need to get me some pooptang

That is some high glass pooptang
by The Utility Belt October 29, 2008
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