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When things dont go your way. Better word than SUCKS
Dawn - "Mom and I borrow your car?"
Mom - "No Dawn, not tonight"
Dawn - "That's just poopsy"
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see mish, 2nd definition
Wow, that hottie is the poopsy!
by Ty October 17, 2004
It is a way of saying oops or oopsies. Or what your brain is made of.
poopsies my head hurts!
poopsies in my head!
by w2n0rz h8r September 21, 2004
The devil. Satan. Poopsy. Stan. Any names that I forgot to mention to describe the guy that lives in a lava pit.
All hail poopsy. I'm a stanist
by Adeadlyliquid November 22, 2004

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