A small cigar that is smoked much like a cigarette. These would include Captain Blacks little cigars and Santa Fe's. They resemble the aroma of what burning feces would smell like. They're good for clearing a room out and ruining the mood. They smell like burning poop.
"Everything was all good until Jordan rolled in with a lit poop stick, within seconds everyone was trying to determine where that terrible poopy odor was coming from. Then they realized what it was and people questioned how one could enjoy smoking and inhaling lit poop."
by El Chando January 29, 2010
Top Definition
A stick used to chop up a turd that is to big to flush.
"Damn that's a big one, someone get me the poopstick."
by TCW00dy March 16, 2004
a stick you use to break up shit, when you know that the crap you just took is going to clog the toilet
i need to find my poop stick, i don't wanna clog my toilet.
by vheissu417 September 27, 2008
A random stick or branch used to clean dog excrement off of the bottom of one's shoes. The stick can then be used as a weapon to use against others.
After cleaning Fido's giant pile off the bottom of my sneakers, I used the poop stick to smear feces on my sleeping stepdad.
by Charlie Buckspit November 18, 2013
good word to use if you're trying not to say curse words. Takes the place of "oh damn!" or "oh shit!"
Poop sticks! I dropped my pencil.
by Its Becky Yo February 05, 2009
a name for the penis after using the backdoor of a dirty whore
i rammed that girls ass hard i just wished she had wiped cause now i have a poopstick
by craig r. January 29, 2003
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