someone who leaves lots of poop in the toilet and doesnt flush so it gets all soggy
big sisters
by carly October 07, 2003
Top Definition
people who shit or "poop" themselves during school, parties or family outings. often large pale teenagers who are sexually insecure and rely on the warm feeling of shit on their bum cheeks to make them sexually arroused
student 1: "curt your such a poopster"
curt: "its not my fault i cant control my bowel movements"
by Steve S.. November 01, 2006
Variation of the word "puppy". "Puppy" becomes "poopy", and therefore "poopy" becomes "poopster" by the nature of human beings to add a -ster at the end of everything.
The poopster is out there chasing her tail.
by Ken December 25, 2003
A gay, little emo kid who is on the feminine side and likes anal sex (receiving it)
Oh Man that josh is such a POOPSTER
by Ryan Heckard November 18, 2006
a sly or wiley person
you poopster!
by will March 22, 2004
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