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Deciding to masturbate while pooping
Jeff was pooping while reading porn in my bathroom and decided to have a poopspank
by NeHi420 August 16, 2006
Telling someone that you have to poop, but really you are going to jerk off.
Bill said that he had to go poop right after seeing the celebrity nude leaks. I bet he is really going to poop spank it.
by J-M0NEYS November 24, 2014
To spank someone or someone's ass with a big wooden spoon. A big wooden spoon must be involved or else it's just spanking...
I'm gonna poopspank your clit with a big wooden spoon!

You just got poopspank'd!...with a big wooden spoon.
by Matt S. - BlindFaithZero December 23, 2003
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