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The shavings of skin that are produced when a carrot-peeler is used to shed the epidermis of a poop.
Hey, mom, did you discard the poopskins before adding the poop to the stew?
by Dr. Franz Poopenheimer III August 31, 2010
The skin of a poop - the two dimensional membrane surrounding a three dimensional poop. (noun)
To be a poopskin (verb)
Poopskin Americana - to be defined
"Heeeeeeee heeeeeee (hand) (hand) my little poopskin"
"Whooply pooply my little Americana"
"Can I get a, can i get a poopskin americanaaaaa???!!!!"
by Poopley Poopley March 18, 2004
fake black skin. for white people who think they are black
that guy has poop skin, he obviously wasnt born a nigger
by nigsh1t January 03, 2010
A racial term for any ethnic group darker than Caucasian.
Usually referring to dirty, raunchy Mexicans.
Man, look at that kid Elijah, what a poopskin. He is such a taint.
by wtffffffff April 14, 2009
(verb) is a word that can be added to the end of a sentence to make it more tactful, Also it means that something is either "cool" or "lame" or "tasty"

i.e. " Man that guy is such a faggy poopskins. " (this means he sucks)

i.e. "man that food was dankerton poopskins. "
by Leonard Fox October 07, 2003
A distasteful person; used to express resentment
Wow, that asshole Bill sure is being a poopskin today.
by Riggs July 01, 2003
A shitty person or asshole...
he is being a fucking poopskin!
by dreamthief83 January 30, 2014