A racial term for any ethnic group darker than Caucasian.
Usually referring to dirty, raunchy Mexicans.
Man, look at that kid Elijah, what a poopskin. He is such a taint.
by wtffffffff April 14, 2009
Top Definition
The skin of a poop - the two dimensional membrane surrounding a three dimensional poop. (noun)
To be a poopskin (verb)
Poopskin Americana - to be defined
"Heeeeeeee heeeeeee (hand) (hand) my little poopskin"
"Whooply pooply my little Americana"
"Can I get a, can i get a poopskin americanaaaaa???!!!!"
by Poopley Poopley March 18, 2004
The shavings of skin that are produced when a carrot-peeler is used to shed the epidermis of a poop.
Hey, mom, did you discard the poopskins before adding the poop to the stew?
by Dr. Franz Poopenheimer III August 31, 2010
fake black skin. for white people who think they are black
that guy has poop skin, he obviously wasnt born a nigger
by nigsh1t January 03, 2010
A distasteful person; used to express resentment
Wow, that asshole Bill sure is being a poopskin today.
by Riggs July 01, 2003
(verb) is a word that can be added to the end of a sentence to make it more tactful, Also it means that something is either "cool" or "lame" or "tasty"

i.e. " Man that guy is such a faggy poopskins. " (this means he sucks)

i.e. "man that food was dankerton poopskins. "
by Leonard Fox October 07, 2003
A shitty person or asshole...
he is being a fucking poopskin!
by dreamthief83 January 30, 2014
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