the act of having anal sex and then pulling out your dick to find a large round piece of poop around the head of your penis, resembling a popsicle
dude, i was fuckin him in the ass and when i pulled my dick out...there it was...a poopsicle...i guess he hadn't douched
#popscicle #poopsicle #poop sicle #poosicle #poo sicle #poo #poop
by canadian dude March 22, 2007
1. popsicle spelt wrong
2. a popsicle made of poop
That popsicle is good.
by Peter Kim May 16, 2004
a popsicle that is more flavorable and has more color and nutrients and wastes;a piece of shat on a stick is also called a diarrhea bar
i had a poopsicle for desert and a diarrhea bar for a bedtime snack.
poo on a stick that's delicious to lick
oh phooey! my fouth is sooo dry, a carrot flavored poopsicle would do the trick!
by lisa November 12, 2002
poop on a stick. can be found as a dessert in afghanistan.
today i had a poopsicle for dessert
by izzy August 20, 2003
A gooey substance from a the a** area put on a stick.
This is a good poopsickle.
by Dxguy101 January 06, 2003
A chocolate treat that brendan likes to eat, not too sour, not too sweet, but just right. After you poop you grab a stick, remove the sliver of poop from the toilet and put it on a stick
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
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