frozen poop on a stick
person 1: i froze my poop and put it on a stick and ate it
person 2: awesome i love poopsicles
by 666roflzforlife September 06, 2009
a chocalety substance that comes out of the anal area that goes on a stick and put in either the refridgerator or freezer and is good for anytime.
we have winterfrsh and mint poopsicle
by jack October 23, 2003
When you crap on a stick. Then you may wet it and freeze it, but the main thing is the crap on a stick
My, my, what a delicious poopsicle
by BigBlowfish November 19, 2004
The act of screwing a girl/guy(heh!)/ur partner, in the badunkadunk then taking out your p3n0r and putting it directly in their mouf.
Man...last night i poopsicled this girl and she was all puking all ova the place for like 30 mins. Heh, dude she won't shit right for a week.
by 133tb4tt0u54i June 17, 2004
Poop Soup That Has Been Frozen
Damn, i left my poop soup outside in the cold, oh well- kids who wants a poopsicle?
by Damn Near Rectum February 06, 2004
a redneck bicycle with the seat missing and only the post protruding so as to cornhole you as you ride it.
Bubba done hurt his ass riding his poopsicle.
by Bubba (ouch!) April 24, 2003
a piece of poop covered in ice
by josh April 23, 2003

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