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noun; taken from the old english ATM (ass to mouth). A poopsicle is the shit covered dick that is the by-product of ATM.
After recieving anal, Johnny gave Betty a Poopsicle.
by seers April 18, 2009
When a pigeon poops on a roof and the poop falls over the edge but as it falls,it freezes. Similiar to an icile
Look that pigeon made a poopsicle
by blahblahblahblahblahblahblahbl January 10, 2009
Something or someone annoying, aggravating, or depressing.
"Why are you being so poopsicle right now?" "Patrick is so poopsicle - I don't ever want to see him again"
by jjlefty July 16, 2008
Poopsicle is a turd on a stick. It is also a series of painting depicting feces and other bodily functions created by artist Thomas L. Vaultonburg
Oprah Winfrey's Pussy-sicle Poopsicle
by dirtytrickssquad April 30, 2011
a popsicle made of poop
hey cassidy grab spenser a poopsicle from mom's refrige.
by jimmy gonzales January 31, 2008
a person who brings down an upbeat mood or ambiance, shared by an individual or a general public
by jord;) December 25, 2009
frozen poop on a stick
person 1: i froze my poop and put it on a stick and ate it
person 2: awesome i love poopsicles
by 666roflzforlife September 06, 2009