When a pigeon poops on a roof and the poop falls over the edge but as it falls,it freezes. Similiar to an icile
Look that pigeon made a poopsicle
by blahblahblahblahblahblahblahbl January 10, 2009
a popsicle made out of poop.
"Hey! Watcha doin' Bob?"
"Eatin' a poopsicle."
"...okay. Ima leave. But first, is it yours or someone elses?
"What kind of a question is that?"
"nothin" *walks away*
by norkalert January 08, 2010
Something or someone annoying, aggravating, or depressing.
"Why are you being so poopsicle right now?" "Patrick is so poopsicle - I don't ever want to see him again"
by jjlefty July 16, 2008
Poopsicle is a turd on a stick. It is also a series of painting depicting feces and other bodily functions created by artist Thomas L. Vaultonburg
Oprah Winfrey's Pussy-sicle Poopsicle
by dirtytrickssquad April 30, 2011
a popsicle made of poop
hey cassidy grab spenser a poopsicle from mom's refrige.
by jimmy gonzales January 31, 2008
When dropping a duece, and you feel it getting muddy,
Run to the freezer, and fill an ice-tray buddy.

Do not forget to add popsicle sticks for effect before freezing. (serves 2-4)

(also refer to Ass Gremlin)
"Dad, the ice-cream man is outside. May i have 50 cents,"
Said Jimmy
"Yah me too," chimed Molly

"Hahahaha, But Kids, I made fresh Poopsicles last night!" replied dad.

"Yaaaaaayyyyyyy" ; they shouted in unison. "you're the best Dad"
by Zachary Allen November 29, 2006
a person who brings down an upbeat mood or ambiance, shared by an individual or a general public
by jord;) December 25, 2009

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