1. The result of of freezing feces by either defecating in extremely cold weather or by placing feces in the freezer.

2. A delicious summertime treat. Very easy to make.

3. A last resort weapon made from frozen feces that tapers off to a sharp point. Used for stabbing.
1. George: So how was Alaska, Richard?
Richard: I had a fantastic time, but I wouldn't want to live there. It was so freakin cold I was cranking out poopsicles.

2. (kid runs into kitchen) Mom! Mom! Can you buy me some poopsicles?
Mom: No need Honey! I'll go make one for you right now!
Kid: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!

3. Never leave the igloo without your poopsicle, son. There are some bad neighborhoods by the pole.
by Prpldrnk June 28, 2009
A tasty, chocolaty, morsel that comes out fresh and warm, but served frozen.
Bo's favorite snack is a poopsicle... but he usually likes them after they've melted a little.
by jackstack October 16, 2007
a more appropriate term for "shit", "damn", "crap" or "fuck" usually said when upset or frusterated.
Poopsicles, I forgot what i was going to say...
by mmmyyrraa October 15, 2010
noun; taken from the old english ATM (ass to mouth). A poopsicle is the shit covered dick that is the by-product of ATM.
After recieving anal, Johnny gave Betty a Poopsicle.
by seers April 18, 2009
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