When a man penetrates a woman's ass pulls it out and then has her suck on it
I gagged last night after he gave me a poopsicle.
by Swifty K September 11, 2009
An icicle formed under a portable loo. The shit water seeps through the gaps in the portable loo and gather under the plastic. During winter, this freezes and therefore creates poopsicle.
The poopsicles glistened in the morning sunlight.
by crazyoldlady July 10, 2010
Frozen dagger of feces used by hobos to fend off wild animals and ghosts. Also known as a poopshank.
The poopsicle inflicted massive damage and the hobo was able to escape into the night.
by HoboShank February 09, 2012
When someone dresses in all brown clothing.
"You're just a big fat poopsicle, aren't you?"
by McGarveys July 24, 2008
When dropping a duece, and you feel it getting muddy,
Run to the freezer, and fill an ice-tray buddy.

Do not forget to add popsicle sticks for effect before freezing. (serves 2-4)

(also refer to Ass-Gremlin)
"Dad, the ice-cream man is outside. May i have 50 cents,"
Said Jimmy
"Yah me too," chimed Molly

"Hahahaha, But Kids, I made fresh Poopsicles last night!" replied dad.

"Yaaaaaayyyyyyy" they shouted in unison. "you're the best Dad"
by Zachary Allen November 28, 2006
n. poop that has turned into a solid frozen mass, irrespective of the manner in which it was frozen.
OMG Becky, I totally stepped on your dog's poopsicle!
by StiffieBeans July 19, 2013
1) A Shitty Dick.

2) A penis that has been inserted into an anus and is ready for a good licking.
The gay couple down the street eat poop sicle's every friday in their back yard.
by Mike Hunt is smelly August 01, 2007

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