a frozen doo doo.
It's so cold outside my labradoodle just made a poopsicle.
by palmie g January 23, 2013
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Top Definition
A frozen piece of poop, stuck in a stick and then eaten for pleasure!
Man, do you know what your eating?
No, what?
Your eating a poopsicle!
by Saugy January 27, 2005
Like a popsicle, but made of poop.
Thats one tasty poopsicle!
by MadLogic July 30, 2003
to analy pleasure your partner immediately followed by felatio
after i banged her ass she turned around and hoovered my poopsicle.
by pat harvey October 28, 2002
If you live up North, where it snows a lot, this is what becomes of what your dog leaves in your yard during the wintertime.
The kids had to be careful making their snowman, so that it would not incorporate any poopsicles.
by Kalisiin January 15, 2011
A poop that literally freezes half way out the hole, so you have to use either your hands to pull it out, or even use an ice pick to break the ice stuck in your ass.
You know it's time to turn on the heat when you get a poopsicle.
by Tom Cruise's Straight Jacket September 06, 2010
A word to say instead of a curse word.
by Sam's gurl September 06, 2008
Poop that has been put on a stick for some sick reason
I ate fudge-sicle today but it tasted like shit! I think it might have been a poop-sicle!
by Bill Morrow December 14, 2005

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