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An opportunity to poo.
Man, when we were at the mall, I totally missed my pooportunity, and now I have to wait until I get home.
by KoBoington June 26, 2012
The prime opportunity to take a poop. Being in the ideal situation to defecate, free from worry, interruption, or discovery.
I felt my stomach gurgling from the huge lunch I ate so the moment everyone left the office, it was the perfect pooportunity.
by nylek May 06, 2009
The moment you find the only gas station or indoor toilet for the next 50 miles and sieze opportunity to poop.
Husband: STOP right there at that filling station!! I need to take this poop-ortunity, I've been prarie doggin for the past 10 miles!

Wife: Cut it off at 30 minutes!... and WHO says 'filling station' anyway?!
by tootymcfruggle March 12, 2009