A saying that means you are full of poop. sometimes can be a loving thing and sometimes can be a bad thing if you are 5 years old.
Jokingly "I love you poo poo head"
Spitefuly "You are just a big poo poo head!"
by flutterbye417 June 21, 2006
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used in first grade but for people like me i still use it
duck man your a poopoo head
by amado February 15, 2005
someone who makes you mad or is acting stupid and in doing so is making you mad.
Geez, that dude is such a poo poo head. He annoys the heck out of me!
by racheemoo January 04, 2006
a person who has poo for brains
somebody does something idiotic - "you're such a poopoohead"
by Lindalou May 25, 2005
An endearing way of calling a family member or a loved one a shit head.
Heather: I Love You Poo Poo Head!!!

Eric: I Love You Too Poo Poo Head!!!!


Your such a poo poo head good lord....
by Silvershot3001 December 14, 2010
The insult used as a last resort if the other person has said something diabolical and so nasty that they shouldn't live in this world any more. It literately means a horrible, spiteful person and it used mostly in circumstances that can not be retained from.

1. Poo poo head (pronounced pooh-pooh-head) Is used when someone has done something extremely bad.

2. Can be used in a carefree way for children.
Mike: Haha, I heard that your hamster died of diabetes LOOOL

Luke: That is the worst thing you could ever say. You sir are a poo poo head!
by The master1000 July 23, 2013
Descriptive of a person or persons who has the untold misfortune of having their entire head consisting of mostly faeces from unknown origin simply because they may have committed a crime against common sense.
"Charles your only supposed to use 20 grams of TNT not 200 you bloody poopoohead"
by bigundies August 26, 2009

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