Poopoo Old man slang for a skanky gal that PARTIES.
Poopoo, you look good...you partying tonight?
by Roger Polk April 17, 2006
The part of a human body called the belly button or navel.
The word originates from the home of an african home located in Nigeria over 30 years ago.

Eew!Dude your poo poo stinks

Could you please clean out your poo poo before getting a belly ring? It stinks!

by falalalalalalalala! February 16, 2009
Money. No relation to poo dollar.
Matt spent all his poo poo on a new Benz.
by ~jimpo December 12, 2005
something a white man takes when hunting
sometimes i let out big poo poos
by jordan and g January 28, 2005

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