A diarrhea-like condition experienced by pets that eat people-food.
Don't feed my cat that, she's gonna get the poopoos!

Koshka! Stop eating that or you're gonna get the poopoos!

Fine. Eat it. But you better not get the poopoos, cuz I'm not cleaning it up.
by Nikolai Nikolayovich July 02, 2006
To ruin someones joy or good fortune.
as in someone trying to slander or ruin a good situation or event for you.
It can be used as expression anytime somebody reacts in a negative way to your good luck or situation.
She was jealous i had a new hot boyfriend...she lied and told him that i was sleeping around behind his back,she was just trying to poo poo it for me.
by munyuck October 12, 2008
the little-kids way of saying poop.
kid: Mommy, I have to go poopoo!
mom: Hurry to the water closet!
by IceLady February 16, 2013
A "nasty" hookup in an awesome location.
I got some serious poo poo last night. We made the nasty in a muddy Jeep Cherokee parked in front of a mountain peak.
by linkdaddy69 May 19, 2011
An expression of disgust, usually accompanied with a wrinkle of the nose, expressed by young girls (and boys) who attend private schools, and also old-ish women (and men) who associate with children of the age of 5 and below.
Tends to make international people double up in laughter.
Avanti: i want that bag!
poopoooo, u chaaavvvvvvv.
Avanti looks bemused.
by BogeyPlaya December 16, 2007
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