a bad person; poop head; someone that is full of shit
I hate going to work. My co-workers are poople.
by Sex Cake November 07, 2008
Top Definition
what you call it when you sculpt your poop into little people. the plural of "pooson"
i yanked my massive log out of the toilet and made a village of poople
by mama March 23, 2004
The unit of measure concerning the urgency of an anticipated bowel movement.

Based on a scale of 1-10.
Dude, I was at 8 pooples. I barely made it in time.
by joe crow 8675309 November 27, 2011
(pOOp-el) n. an unknown person that works at the paint department in Lowe's #226 in Erie, PA

A word that you can never say and be upset about anything else at the same time.
One day a coworker wrote the word People onto the schedule like it was a name but the e looked like an o and our manager came by the next day and said 'Who the heck is Poople?'

Guy 1: Man I've had the crappiest day
Guy 2: Just say the word Poople.
Guy 1: Poople. Wow I can't help but smile and laugh at that.
by Lowe's Paint Dept. #226 July 10, 2008
People who smell like shit.
There were a lot of poople at the concert last night.
by onehandcrabbing December 17, 2013
Human Excrement of a soft and comfortable texture. Cuddly poo.
Her skin was soft and beautiful like the finest pooples.
by Ferox13 July 16, 2003
The chunks of poop left in the toilet after the first flush.
Who left the pooples in the toilet?
by Mike O'Brien March 11, 2006
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