Passing gas, also known as "farting up a storm", "breaking wind", "blowing wind"...
After that Taco Bell meal I was poopin up a storm because of the beans... It smelled nasty
by cardosor August 05, 2005
Top Definition
An assault on another person's unattended mobile device, usually posting "Poopin'" to their Twitter or Facebook accounts.
Out at the pub, Bob leaves his iPhone at the table to take a slash. He returns to find his iPhone on the twitter homepage with a new tweet:
by sj26 December 19, 2010
The act of taking a number two.
"Can I call you back? I have to go make the poopins now. Thanks."
by Tony C.G. January 10, 2009
To poo or in the middle of pooping. To excrete wastes.
After i ate that prune surprise at your mothers I can't stop poopin
by All_Knowing August 08, 2005
The process of finding, wooing, and bedding a ho who you recently met.
Guy A: Yo did you hang out with that chick?
Guy B: Yeah man.
Guy A: You poopin?
Guy B: You know what it is.
by spllalow March 24, 2008
i agree w/ #1, but they forgot... droppin' a deuce.
Q:"Where's Paul at, i got his burger."
A:"He'll be right back, he's droppin' a deuce."
by Niven Peezee August 05, 2005
takin a shit, takin a crap,layin cable, dropping the kids off at the pool,pinching a loaf, to expell waste material from the human body
thomas got cought a poopin beside the road
by hemp March 10, 2005
When you spell poppin' wrong.
Some guy: "Man our basketball team is poopin' y'all"
Me: "Shut up, you are a retard."
by _Ben August 07, 2005
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