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whats left over after you smoke weed in a pipe or bong
1. Where do you want the poopie? should I cash it on the floor?
2. Don't hit that it's poopie.
3. Is there any weed left? Just this poopie
by Joy-Toy November 06, 2009
kids term for shit
mommy i poopies on the dog.
by Anonymous April 17, 2003
A hilarious response to any question.
" Can you tell us the area of this rhombus Jimmy?"

by Cacciatore_91 November 28, 2005
A tiny terd
I went poopies. Poopies in my pants. Poopies for you.
by Mark March 02, 2004
a term of endearment
oh, who's my little poopie? who is it! oh it's you! you're my little poopie woopie! oh yes!
by Anonymous January 13, 2003
a shit!
I take poopie on Bin Laden
by <unknown> April 17, 2003
That sux.
Carl:Can you come to my party??
Rhonda:Sorry i have work to do.
Carl: Oh poopie!!!
by Veroncia November 17, 2003
the appropriate response to being called a Honky
Chalookinat Honky ?!?!
Not much poopie.
by Webster Papadopolous July 13, 2004