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The logic that allows girls who are saving their virginity for marriage to instead have premarital anal intercourse.
Typically the boyfriends of such girls will convince them that, if they take it in the ass and don't pop the cherry, they're still pure and virginal.
Guy 1: "I'm bummed because this hot chick I dated is saving herself for marriage."
Guy 2: "Just explain the poophole loophole to her and you'll score for sure."

Chick: "Thank goodness for the poophole loophole. Now I can honestly tell God and my parents that I am a virgin."
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by creaternity March 23, 2006
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The clause by which a female may circumvent the moral law which dictates that a female should not engage in sexual relations prior to marriage by participating in anal sexual relations in lieu of vaginal intercourse. Additionally, the female will conveniently avoid risk of pregnancy while simultaneously preserving her virginity.
He: No, we cannot have sex, we are not married!
She: It's okay...we can use the poop hole loop hole and you can do me in the butt!
He: Sweet!
#poop hole #loop whole #butt exception #poop whole #butt
by Exit Only June 25, 2009
A sexual activity engaged in when conservative girls want to remain virgins so they only have anal coitus.
"That slut Stacey sits in church like a virgin on a log!", Amy says angrily. Laura responds..."...well, technically she's a virgin...Amy nods head, knowingly..."The Poop hole loophole", they say in unison.
#anal sex #booty sex #hypocrite sex #republican #republican sex #young republican sex #butt babies
by laurajade March 18, 2015
When a girl desperately wants to keep her virginity but needs some good back-door romance
Timmy: Wait, how'd you guys have sex, isn't she a virgin?

Tommy: Bro, we used the Poophole Loophole.
by Da Krew January 22, 2016
When children use the need to go to the bathroom and make a deuce as an irrefutable excuse to get out of bed at night.
"We were all set for an 8pm bedtime, but both kids used the poophole loophole, so it was more like 9:30."
#poop-hole loophole #poop-hole loop-hole #deuce #potty party #toilet tango
by DingDongP September 07, 2011
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