someone who loves to take craps, even more love to the big dumps
pooper snooper-"dooddd! i gotta go crap!"
normal person-"you have fun with that.."
pooper snooper-"oh TRUST ME i WILL!!!"
by cluckcluckers123 September 01, 2008
Top Definition
SOMEONE WHO SNOOPS on you while poop
Sorry, your poop is so attractive"-bob
by ryan and joe January 06, 2010
A person who snoops at poop in the lawn. Most likely dogs but possibly humans to. They like poop, pee, and vampires nuts. If you ever meet a pooper snooper you will probably get poop chucked at you. Never get to close you could get buried in poop!
Hey did you see that pooper snooper sniff that turd!?
by Tlp<<33333 November 03, 2011
When some one takes a crap on a glass coffee table and you lay underneath and watch.
After giving her a ShockerSanchez, she got on the table and gave me a Pooper Snooper!
by Dcraig1217 December 10, 2010
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