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1. A person who kisses up to others in order to be liked and befriended.
2. Someone who praises others when it is undeserved... lying and telling people whatever it is that they think that others would like to hear in order to gain their trust and friendship.
poo-purr-smoo-chur pooper smoocher
1. If there were trophies given out for being butt kissers, hers would have #1 pooper smoocher engraved on it.
2. He has to be pretty desperate to be that much of a pooper smoocher.
by Vegas Bitch aka shugahhh February 03, 2010
1. A person who goes out of their way to brown nose and kiss up to others with the hope that they will be liked, accepted and befriended.
2. A facile person that is very pretentious and will act as if they admire, respect and even look up to one by constantly praising them when it is undeserved... all along with the motive of making people believe they are caring and sincere so then when they take advantage of this person or persons it is unexpected and therefore much easier put one over on them.
3. One who premeditates and targets someone and then uses their charm to manipulate them by lying and even telling them what ever it is that they think that person or persons might like to hear... all the while they have the intention of using that person or persons for their own selfish reasons later on when they deem necessary or most convenient for them.
sounds like: poo-purr-smoo-chur pooper smoocher
1. I didn't know it was even possible for someone to be that much of pooper smoocher.
2. If they gave out trophies for being an ass kisser, her trophy would have #1 pooper smoocher engraved on it.
by Vegas Bitch aka shugahhh February 03, 2010

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