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When one manages to fit an entire had up one's own, or a sexual partner's rectum.
Yeah, I knew she was a proper skank. I mean, she let me do the pooper scooper, and I have big hands!
by Donus maximus February 12, 2009
9 18
a type of person who collects human feces for erotic pleasure.

in rare cases of agoraphobic pooper scoopers, some have been known to create a mixture of their freshest fecal finds with large quantities of transvestite semen to create a home made shampoo as part of their ritual preparation for public outings as a means of repelling 'normal' humans.
t-bag: yo, i heard the commissioner has called a meeting this sunday for the dolphins game.

g-money: that's cool, but i sure hope rodney doesn't come. he's a nasty, stinky pooper scooper.

gucci boots: how's he always hangin with them super-fine amazonian hunnies wit his hed smellin like SHIT.

DD: those hunnies ain't hunnies, man.

commish: he, he, he, he, ...!

by Pirates Treasure October 13, 2006
6 16
a beard
pooper scooper; also know as a mans beard when eating a girl out.
by trashytraylor July 29, 2008
1 13
1. something that is a HUGE letdown.
2. an annoying or weird person, who seems weirs enough to enjoy the act of skoopin poop.
aww Pooper Scooper.
ew he hooked up with her?? what a Pooper Scooper
by camie August 03, 2007
3 15
Someone who works at a vet clinic and cleans up all the defecation from the kenneled animals.
I worked at LAHC as a pooper scooper for two years and accidently ate a butt nugget once.
by MrAcuraIntegra August 14, 2003
11 23
vb; the act of inserting four fingers into the female rectum, and the remaining thumb into the vaginal cavity moving the hand upward in a scooping motion.
yo that bitch was trippin' last night so i hit her with the pooper scooper and she chille.
by BMcDSquad December 21, 2008
8 21
term used by medical community to describe acrylic nails. Feces is inevitably lways found between the real finger nail and the acrylic nails of patients and cadavers.
"hey she doesn't have any insurance, what do we do?"

"send her to ER, how did she afford those pooper scoopers?"
3 16