Someone who works at a vet clinic and cleans up all the defecation from the kenneled animals.
I worked at LAHC as a pooper scooper for two years and accidently ate a butt nugget once.
by MrAcuraIntegra August 14, 2003
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A gay male who enters into a relationship with another gay male solely for monetary gain; A gay gold digger.
Do you think Barney Frank's boy toy is in it for his looks? Of course not. He's a pooper scooper.
#golddigger #gold digger #poop scoop #snatch snatcher #fudge mongrel
by Dub Dub Lifer November 24, 2010
A device similar to a dustpan or miniature shovel, used to pick up dog droppings during a dogwalk. A long attached handle relieves the operator from having to bend over. Usually a spring-activated flap (controlled by a squeezegrip at the top of the handle) is manually opened and closed on the leading edge of the blade during the catch, preventing the poop from rolling out. Use of the pooper scooper is considered good etiquette, and with a bit of practice resembles a golf putt or croquet strike.
I'm totally into using the pooper scooper when walking Smokey. It's like he never took a dump!
#dog #dogwalk #deuce #dustpan #nugget #poop #shovel
by Nick Estes February 20, 2006
1)The job of someone who follows around dogs.
2)last resort if a plunger doesnt work
1)Stupid dog quit makin scoop all this poop
2)Aww shit, the plungers broken. Honey get the pooper scooper
by Mr. Pooper February 13, 2004
someone who scoops poop
what a pooperscooper
#poop #scoop #poo #poopy #poopie #crap #shit
by pooperscooper1 October 26, 2009
A derogatory word called at a male who is gay.
hey you pooperscooper how was it last night
#gay #homosexual #straight #lesbian #buhdist
by BankingDJ March 24, 2010
The act of applying feces to one's hand and then performing a "scooping" action to another person's nipple, leaving a fecal residue smear covering the nipple area.
Frederick calmly walked up to Jonathan and swiftly used a Pooper-Scooper move upon Jonathan's right nipple, smearing a smelly fecal coating of poop on Jonathan's nipple.
#scoop #bean-dip #nipple #hot pocket #poop
by cajackel July 08, 2010
When one manages to fit an entire had up one's own, or a sexual partner's rectum.
Yeah, I knew she was a proper skank. I mean, she let me do the pooper scooper, and I have big hands!
#digital anal #fisting #finger puppet #rectal probing #wrist deep
by Donus maximus February 12, 2009
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