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to get owned, or bossed around
Haha, cuh, you just got pooped on.
by Chasa January 27, 2008
3 2
Meaning to get completely beat at a video game called halo 2 or to beat some one by 20 or more points also to use the battle rifle and take 3 shots and still kill the person that is shooting at you(it takes 4 shots to kill you)
You just got pooped-on bad kid. I just pooped-on you man.
by steven wayne kirker November 20, 2007
1 2
Mack's ass dominating the leeown (see leeowned), as he relaxes his sphincter and lets the brown flow.
Mack's anal partner got pooped on.
by dank sewage November 28, 2003
2 10