to get owned, or bossed around
Haha, cuh, you just got pooped on.
by Chasa January 27, 2008
Top Definition
When you are smoking weed and some of the weed goes into your mouth.
Jim had a loose blunt, so when he inhaled he got pooped on.
by Mr. Dro January 13, 2007
Being dominated by another.
"He pooped on you after the second half of the game"
by Machony Leeoun November 10, 2003
to pwn someone at something. when someting bad happens to them. usually being funny
Wow, i pooped on allan yesterday on Halo3
by Pozar December 09, 2007
A toilet humor version of saying owned. Used often in video games, sports, or just beating someone at something.
Jim: "Almost got the game winning kill! Camping in Quarry was such a good idea!"
*Javelin Noob spams a javelin missle and kills him. Game ends.
Random noob: "OH YEAH BABY!!! Pooped On!!!!"
by Remlap1223 April 20, 2010
When someone gets amazingly owned in a game they REALLY suck at, like Halo 3 or MW2.
"Man, I just got totally pooped-on.!"
"HA! I just pooped-on you, dude!"
"He just got pooped-on, babe."
©Devon Weinstock
by Jull-a-ferd November 16, 2010
Gamer slang for owned or defeated.
Blue team sucked - we pooped on them.
by frick1 February 24, 2010
When you're playing gamebattles for any shooter and you totally get smacked its called getting pooped on. (Ussually whilst playing mw2 for xbox 360)
DizziIy: "Pfft!! what a fucking scrub! cross map one bursted him!."
Viison: "Yeah dude you wall banged him too rofl, race shut off!!"
Unison: "Pooped on!"
by DizziIy March 28, 2010
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