Poop butt describes someone who tries to be cool but has some serious flaws showing that they are a square except that they don't seem to know it. Or a generally cool but sloppy disgusting person. Nothing is wrong with being a square but you should just be who you are. The Poop Butt's gestures and manner of dressing will most often tell that he isin't who you say you are. If you have a ketchup stain on your shirt while getting ready at home but you still decide to wear it to the school dance is Poop Butt-esque. To have some shoes that smell BAD and it was noticed in an awkward social situation that people will remember. When you are trying to date a hard-to-get very attractive woman and you try to woo her with your 1996 Toyota Camry, your job at wal mart with benefits and you were caught digging in your nose right out front of her office. That is the folly of a Poop Butt. Wearing new gymshoes but they have a big blop of chilli on the laces and you wear them as if none of the ladies at the local hangout you hope to score with are not going to notice or you sloppily wipe it off making a greasy mess across the top of your shoe. Lazy and sloppy people who ignore certain hygeine or social protocol but not in a small way. They do it as large as day and don't know that they look stupid. Or it could be a person who through sloppiness in mind and/or action shows that he is not cool or tough and always tells more about himself than people want to know.
Man 1: Hey, lets call Ronnie to hangout with us. He has that Toyota Camry we can all fit in there to go meet the girls.

Man 2: Hell naw! That Poop Butt *ss dude? He will drive the girls away or do these crazy dances to make them laugh but they are laughing AT him.. Not with him.

Man 1: Yeah you're right. Lets call Ray, he's cool.
by Johnny Bravo April 23, 2005
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A sucker who lacks street smarts and is easily played; a mark.
"I ain't the one, the one to get played like a poopbutt...ya see I'm from the streets, and I know what's up." -Ice Cube, N.W.A.'s "I Ain't Tha 1"

John talked Rusty into buying "turbo-powered" toilet paper for double the price of regular. Man, what a poopbutt that guy is.
by Nick D August 02, 2005
The state of one's anus when smeared poo bits create a burning or itching sensation in and around the rim of the asshole. The best cure for poop butt is a thorough soapy washing. Poop butt is easily avoided if one wipes with enough vigor and strength to remove all the lingering poo.
Person 1: Oh god, I have poop butt!
Person 2: Wipe it!
Person 1: It's too late! I'm just gunna go take a shower.
Person 2: Showering is indeed the best cure for poop butt!
by Alex Wilson July 10, 2008
A group of best friends, typically three, who do everything and anything together. They're extremely weird, and don't allow anyone else to join their small circle of friends. They have no shame and love to make up code names for people they commonly talk about. The language in which they speak is made up entirely of their inside jokes, so no one else can understand it or learn it, so don't try. They are, and forever will be, the sexiest people you know.
Poopbutts gotta stick together, PB4L.
by Sabanita November 22, 2011
Poopbutts (or the Poop Butts dot com) is an exclusive social networking website that strictly follows its sole maxim of, "How can you say you love her if you're not even willing to her own poop?"
The other day, I was trying to establish a get together with my friends on Poopbutts and the irony of the situation struck me. Then I shrugged it off and proceeded to make a pun out of the word crap and was satisfied with myself.
by AlphaOmegaStrife September 10, 2009
The kind of ass that looks very soggy in pants or jeans. Looks that the woman has taken a poo poo in her jeans or that her entire ass is made of soggy poo poo.
Oh, look over there, baby has got a poop butt.

I liked her, but did you see her ass, its fat and she has a poop butt.
by Rod Bernstein October 19, 2004
Poopbutt is that not so fresh feeling you get when you take a good dump and fail to wash your butt. The feeling is the worst when you have either eaten spicy foods, or had a bit too much to drink the night before.
Damn, my ass is burning! Poopbutt sucks!
by wrighthnc February 05, 2004
-a woman with an abnormally large buttox (the woman is usually obese)

-ORIGIN- the origin of which is derived from Hispanic sections of Los Angeles in the 1990's. Its' most popularly heard in the song "La Raza" by Kid Frost. This song has created a peak in the use of this word in certain areas of Northern New Jersey since December of 2010.
That is a poop-butt right there.
by Lil' Jig January 07, 2011

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