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When you really have to go poop but your wife, your girlfriend or kids do not want you to go poop because it will stink the bathroom.
Husband: Hey are you done with that magazine I really need to go poop!

Wife: Don't go and poop in there!! I need to do my make up! Wait till I get done!

Husband: Do not be a poop block!!!!!!
by Pimpin Otter January 25, 2010

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When going to take a poop at work or in a public place, only to find that there is another person in the bathroom.
"Dude that was a quick deuce"
"Well I was all ready to take a nice crap and this dude poopblocked me"
by StArHaCkT August 03, 2009
The one solid piece of poop that is stopping you from a diarrhea disaster.
Thank goodness that i had a poop block during that party or else things would have gotten ugly!
by seak_69 July 10, 2010