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Danielle "can't get the poopy songs out of her head!" and she can't get the poopy words from coming out of her mouth!
by anonymous October 26, 2003
7 9

(1) To express extreme disgust
Guy 1: So I heard that Wiz Khalifa's show got cancelled for tonight

Guy 2: Poop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by xxLuPexx March 27, 2011
1 4
the brown(also sometimes the green)stuff that comes out of a living organism's asshole
Little kid:"Mom,what just came out of my booty?"

Mom:"Thats what scientists call feces or poop?"
by Stewhip January 03, 2011
1 4
the stuff i like to eat
yum poop.
by poopislife November 26, 2010
4 7
Something being determined as being negative.
Well that shirt is poopy, you should get a new one.

Is that a new car? it sure looks poopy.

That haircut makes you look like poop.
by imightbeteh1 September 29, 2009
1 4
a term used to describe Jacob and Ashley's weirdness.
Dude that was so poop!
by pooooopie August 23, 2009
3 6
n. Excrement; defecation; feces; dung; stool; shit (slang)

v. To expell fecal matter from the bowels

Similar to: Urine
dood is poop upside down.
by RYAN (STK) July 28, 2009
1 4