A situation or event that is totally or even just slightly fucked. Shenanegens
"I gave steve the keys to my car so he could pound his girlfriend in the back, but instead he shot his load on my seat. What poopdickery."
by Maverinni June 04, 2007
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when something goes wrong, is broken, or is not in you favor
i cant believe that girl stood me up again. thats a flat out load of poop-dickery if i've ever seen one
by EastCoastPowerHouse March 22, 2011
the act of committing poopdick, or conspiring to perform acts related to poopdick.
"AHA!! Natie Ice, lacrosse helmets, and barry manilow CD's! there must be poopdickery afoot!"
by Bussalikespd July 28, 2010

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