Poop that is so runny that it's like soup.
"Ted stop eating that poopsoup it's not healthy for you" I said.
by Killer 7 December 19, 2007
The combination of diarrhea and little poo nuggets that are excreted by your anus. Usually caused from excessive eating or drinking.
I woke up this morning from a long night of drinking and had to visit the bathroom to get rid of a batch of poop soup I had been brewing.
by BillBrasky1124 November 14, 2011
Poop soup is the second most serious type diarrhea after the classic mud butt. Although not full blown mud but you definitely want to avoid this.
Man that toilet got slaughtered and it looks like a case of poop soup was the culprit.

Wife: What in fuck is all the toilet? Hub: silent Wife: It's poop soup ain't it? Hub: Guilty Wife: Go to your moms house... youre not sleeping here tonight you poop souping ass hole.
by saharadryhumor January 15, 2015
noun: a hopeless or desparate situation, similar to s**t's creek.
May also be used as an adjective.
The tornado left the entire town in poop soup. (noun)
Now we're as poop soup pour as a third world country.(adj)
by jeniM May 12, 2011
N. Something or someone that is unpleasant, of low quality or worth, disagreeable
You're working the graveyard shift instead of attending YOUR OWN party?! That's poop soup, bro.

My boss is so rude. She's totally poop soup
by fweemgar_viking_patriarch November 04, 2010
a single, large meatball and clear broth soup, with odd carrot chunks and corn...that looks like poop soup.
dan got poop soup at the restaurant, and it really affected his mood.
by ramona March 22, 2004
a soup my little sister made up when she was a kid. It consisted of her poop, one of my smelly sneakers, carrots, and water. if you ever mentioned it to her, she'd giggle herself silly. do that now and she turns red.
yummy yummy poop soup in the tummy!
by Haleth August 22, 2006

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