Top Definition
a frozen peace of poo!
man that poop sickle put a lump on his head when i threw it at him
by Tyler Barron January 28, 2005
When a man is engaging in anal sex, pulls out, and finishes with a blow job from the receiving partner.
Did you see the stains around that girls mouth from the frat party last night? She totally got a poopsickle!
by ChizzleVonMizzleHizzle April 04, 2009
Poop meaning feces
sickles meaning curved: curved in shape like a sickle.
Therefore it is poop in a curved shape

Wow them are some BIG poopsickles!
by meliciousmadison February 13, 2009
a person or thing that someone doesnt like...
annoying or aggrivating
You are really being a poopsickle right now!
by Pink.Chick71 May 03, 2008
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