n. 1. Brit Hume according to Al Franken.
On C-SPAN, Al Franken had the audacity to call Brit Hume a poopshoot.
by Sudo Nim December 16, 2003
arsehole - anus or
a chat room to shoot the proverbial shit on.
she takes it up the poopshoot better than kiki daire used to
by flite November 24, 2003
Another word for anus, small area in the buttox area. also known as the o|o, where o|o takes it
by Anonymous February 10, 2003
Secret Pooping spot at public places
There's nobody around. Quick! to the poopshoot!
by C-rogg December 10, 2008
The hole of the ass, or asshole
Don't fool yourself girl, it's going up your poop shoot - (Thank you Frank Zappa)
by Poopsie Smidgaphorius March 08, 2005
Where your poop comes out. Its another word for anus.
"There was alot of poop coming out of your poop shoot today"
by Forrest Gump December 09, 2005
A gay mans favorite body part. The ass hole.
Hey baby, ever had your poop shoot licked by a fat man in an overcoat?


My faggot cousin Neal, takes in the poop shoot.
by Lance Thabian April 13, 2006

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