Poop Shoes
1. A covering for the human foot, usually made of human feces, having a thick and somewhat stiff sole and a lighter top. They differ from poop boots on not extending so far up the leg.
A. Position; status: You would not want to be in my poop shoes.
B. Plight: I wouldn't want to be in your poop shoes.
by McNasty January 20, 2003
Top Definition
the pair of shoes you put on when taking a dump at the office, so no one can identify you under the stall.
matt: who blew up the handicap stall on 5, bro?

rey: it was me, bro!

matt: nah, dude was wearing neon dunks, bro.

rey: yo! them's my poop shoes, bro!

matt and rey: ahhhhhhhhhh. yea, bro!
by pied pooper July 19, 2011
a petty insult, equivalent to calling someone a nonce, an idiot, a dummy, a meanie...etc. Originated by one Peter Vites in high school. I'm pretty sure this is the only thing he ever said to me over the course of four years. It's brilliant.
Joe: Tammy, that dress looks horrible on you and it makes your butt look so fat!
Tammy: Joe, you poopshoes!
by theoriginalpoopshoes January 14, 2014
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