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an explicative used when something bad has happened to you, but you dont think is very important.
Did i just get shot in the leg? Poopscotch!
by redbomber0 October 11, 2005
a word that caters to anything you want it to be. Usually could be interpreted as "that's nonsense". Often spelled as two words--poopscotch.
1 "Final exams are poop scotch"
2. "wow, your acting like poop scotch right now.."
3. Pooper McGavin is a great golfer, but right now he is playing like poop scotch"
by samstown1 May 09, 2010
The stain left on you undies/panties after wearing them.
Damn babe, from the looks of that poopscotch you must have been eating meatloaf all day!
by Chuck Bucket March 31, 2005
Noun: a no good, ditry, rotten person (dirt bag)
Verb: to get the best, (serve), or (dis) someone or something.
You are a Poop Scotch, Dam Homie you just got Poop Scotched!!, I'm gonna Poop Scotch me a deal on them Rims.
by Caroline Forseth April 09, 2008