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A bag of poop that Joe believed everyone wore.
Joe: Ok strip right down to the poop sack
Peter and James Woods are silent
Joe:What you dont wear a poop sack?
by gnet47 February 17, 2008
a bag of poop hanging from one's anus to catch poop as it uncontrolably spews out
my cat craps like crazy, he needs a poop sack
by ap April 15, 2004
A sack of poop.

Something you say out of frustration. "Wow what a Poopsack!"

Jaden Scott is a huge poopsack.
Kids in my class are poopsacks
by qwertyisabella April 29, 2011
A Tyler Lashley; having to do with Tyler Lashley; another name for Tyler Lashley; a word to be said when something unfortunate has occured; an adult diaper.
Tyler Lashley hits a clump of dirt out of Adam Tashman's hand and it hits Mr. Krall.

"Aw, poopsack!" exclaims Adam.
by aj;sldkfja;ls a;sldkfj;sdjf;la October 19, 2010
A concentrated bundle of feces that is unable to be released completely from the anus. It hangs down and is able to be flailed around like a sack, thus naming it a poop sack.
"Hey, yesterday I had the biggest poopsack!"

"Wow, that's great!"

"Yep! It looked like Jaehyun!"
by poopiesacks December 31, 2013
A sack of poop that retarded people use when they cant poop correctly and make them look like their potty trained so they dont need a diaper.
Did you see Malford?
Ya his poop-sack is full man
by I love poopsacks June 19, 2011
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