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Having fecal matter in or around the lip area
"I got dem poop lips," said Billy the dinosaur.
by Clergyman December 16, 2008
1. The lip of your sphyncter.
2. A good name to call someone.
How's your poop lip?
Your a big old poop lip.
by Carson December 06, 2004
What happens to a woman when she wipes back to front, instead of front to back.
I was going down on your mom and she must wipe the wrong way because she definitely had a poop lip.
by Kimbelina January 07, 2008
A term used to describe the anus pinching down. Like your lips when you bite down on food, your poop lips bite down on fecal matter.
No, Carik, Don't force that banana into my poop lips!
by Francesco Estobar November 04, 2007

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