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When you are wiping and your finger breaks through the toilet paper causing your finger to touch your poo.
Aw man I have poop finger after that nasty poo.
by BobnRob September 09, 2008
can be a practical joke in which one jams his finger into an unsuspecting victim and runs away, shouting the term
poor johnny got a deep poop finger by the huge senior
by tom November 14, 2003
A large evacuation of liquid fecal matter closely resembling that of diarrhea but on a more explosive scale. Poop Finger can occur instantly and without conscious thought or decision. Poop Finger is directly caused by someone preparing your food after wiping their ass but before washing their hands.
Damn, the dude that prepared my filet-o-fish sandwich at McDonald's must have given me Poop Finger because I've been sneezing out of my ass for the last two hours.
by me.....)()( January 01, 2008
a finger coated with poop, usually a direct result of anal probing
Taylor D Benjamin loves to lick his poop finger after anal intercourse
by bubba March 25, 2003
The act of suprising someone by jamming a finger into their unsuspecting butthole. (clothed or unclothed)
I was walking to fifth period and Tom snuck up behind me and gave me a poop finger.
by Jimmy Whispas July 11, 2012
one who shoves at least two fingers up his bunghole and sniffs them.
we call one of our friends "poopfingers" because we caught him doing this in the gym one morning.
by Jordan Brown May 03, 2004
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