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Poop dust is what comes out when you fart. The tiny particals of poop make it stinky. Some farts have more than others.
Did you toot? Cuz I detect poop dust.
by paul cock September 07, 2003
The tiny particles of feces that settle at the bottom of the toilet bowl after only flush when the original excretion was in the form of diarrhea and more flushes were needed to rid the bowl of its presence.
Her boyfriend better not spend the night again! He leaves poop dust in the toilet!
by Mr Clean November 07, 2005
the dust that resonates around shit in the toilet when you forget to flush and it sits there for a while. Most visible when you flush after the shit has been there for a while.
Eric is such a douchebag, he forgot to flush and now the bottom of the toilet is covered in poop dust.
by I have a massive penis June 27, 2011
Another word for farting or flatuating, but on an extremely dry level (no Moisture).
Ah man! the other day I farted and I thought for sure it was gonna be wet but it turned out to be a little bit of poop-dust! I was lucky
by justeburgerkinghole February 09, 2011
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